Who's loving Amongst?


Brunilda Collection

Simply fantastic!

First of all, I would like to talk about her, that she is always lively and cheerful, and makes it easier and more fun when looking at all the work that needs to be done to revive your company. I have been working with Tiz for a marketing strategy in starting my business in Italy and also in the international market.

She put me in front of a wide range of solutions that I hadn’t even considered before, she improved the quality and level of my current marketing and introduced new ideas for the future. Her work is not limited only to the present but analyses the past to understand what is currently happening and then bring about changes in the future. I am very happy to have worked with her and others who are so satisfied with the work done.

Tiz has been invaluable in assisting me in the early stages of my new business marketing plan and she has given me great advice and ideas for marketing my products in the right environment. Her program has helped me understand the fundamentals of my marketing message, who exactly are we talking to and how, but it has also helped identify where I can make changes to how I deliver my services and other ways of partnering with other businesses. Places I hadn’t thought of. And much more! For anyone looking to add some business magic and do a marketing makeover! I highly recommend getting in touch with Tiz!


Tiz is my marketing guardian angel. She is attentive, resourceful and has a fresh knack of fine tuning your business identity. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start or what to do until I did the marketing course through Amongst.

In a short timeframe with a lot of guidance, and friendly, helpful advice I was on my way with Tiz holding my hand. It’s great to know that I can rely on her to guide me even after the course- we now have this relationship and understanding and friendship.


Village Wholefoods

I worked with Tiz when she mentored me in the Inner West Women in Business Program. She was a wonderful mentor and brought with her a great enthusiasm for my business and helping me with a marketing program.

Her marketing knowledge was excellent and was always there to help with any issues and answer any questions I had. I would not hesitate to work with Tiz again.


RH Photography

Tiz has a clever way of looking at your business and working with you to discover ways that help you to stand out and better market your business, ones that actually suit your business, audience and direction. It’s nothing like the typical one-size-fits-all approach that you see so often.

She made it a fun and enjoyable experience and I have learnt so much from her in just a short time. If you want someone who looks at the overall picture, not just one aspect of marketing, you’ve found your marketing expert!


Brother Mountain Macadamias

I have been working with Tiz in building a marketing strategy and initiating a new business into the artisan food market this year. From our first meeting Tiz was always vibrant and cheerful and was genuinely interested in what we are doing and the bigger picture of where we could go.

She has been invaluable in assisting us in the early stages of our new business marketing plan and given us great advice and ideas to market our products in the right environment. For anyone wanting to stay excited about business and add a lot of magic to your marketing – highly recommend getting in touch.



WOW – what an experience! The Marketing Makeover Program with Tiz is a must for all small businesses! The program has not only helped us understand the fundamentals of our marketing message, unique selling point and who exactly we are speaking to and how, but it’s also helped us to identify where we can make changes to the way we package our services and additional ways to partner with other local business’ we hadn’t thought of. Plus, so much more!

The range of fun exercises to complete with our staff was very beneficial in gaining an understanding of perceptions and ideas beyond those of the management team.

The Marketing Makeover Program has empowered us to understand what we needed to know before we started spending money on different marketing tactics. And when it comes time to hire third party companies to assist us, we now have a solid foundation of information to provide them as a base for the work we want them to complete.

Throughout the program we also built a varied list of marketing ideas we can begin to implement immediately and developed a 12-month timeline to help us easily and effortlessly plan in 3-month blocks for what’s ahead.

Tiz’s positivity, expertise and support has each session jam packed with learnings, ‘ah ha’ moments and action steps that has helped us to gain a better understanding of the marketing strategies we can use to help grow our business. We highly recommend hiring Tiz for a marketing makeover! It really has been life changing for us!

Jami-Lee Titus

On The Go Plumbing

I recently completed the Marketing Makeover and can’t speak highly enough about it! Tiz took it back to the basics of marketing, understanding our customer and our market. It really made me see the possibilities for our business now knowing all of this.

She’s easy to understand, flexible and is great to have a laugh with. This makeover has stopped us from wasting anymore time or money on marketing activities that aren’t serving us and has put us on a more direct and thought-out plan. Thanks again Tiz, you’re the best!


Cosmedic Professionals

Just wanted to express my gratitude, as a small business owner you always feel alone as it’s hard and tiring wearing so many hats in a business, unlike a large company which can afford to hire the right people to do all the background things you need. Thankfully you came into my clinic, not only did you give me ideas on how to promote my business on a different level, but you also helped me to connect with the right people to source out what I need.

I do believe you have saved me time, stress, and money in the long term. It’s always nice to know you are only a phone call away to help with anything and if you don’t have the answer, you will go out of your way to find it, this is priceless.