Case Study


Team Sydney is an NFP association whose members are sporting clubs that support diversity in sport.

Why They Needed Our Help

Team Sydney had experienced a slight downturn in memberships. They’d also lost sight of their messaging and purpose.

Their directors wanted to reconnect their community, so they approached us to create an engagement marketing campaign to help them rebuild and reframe who they were. They also wanted to reenergise their involvement with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras after a so-so previous year.

The Objectives

We decided to use the Mardi Gras festival to engage more with their community and promote the benefits of Team Sydney to existing and new members and sponsors.

The Strategy

  • Showcase Team Sydney to the community as an organisation that is solid, has conviction and is serious and active in support of their sporting community.
  • Engage with existing members and clubs – giving back and helping them to participate in Mardi Gras festivities where they couldn’t on their own. This would help increase awareness of Team Sydney and subsequently, their memberships.
  • Engage with existing sponsors – giving back and helping them to participate in Mardi Gras festivities. Further strengthen the relationship for ongoing support.
  • Attract new sponsors and supporters for an ongoing relationship beyond Mardi Gras.
  • Create fundraising opportunities.

What We Did

We worked with Team Sydney for 3 months before and during the Mardi Gras festival. First, we helped them get clear on their purpose, mission, and objectives. Then we created and actioned the marketing strategy

  • Liaised with Mardi Gras Fair Day Committee and Mardi Gras Parade Committee re Team Sydney’s campaign and execution.
  • Fair Day concept and execution, liaison with sponsors and club members, budget tracking and fundraising opportunities.
  • Coordinated Fair Day Sports Village activity and demonstration.
  • Parade float concept and design, marcher registration and coordination.
  • Created assets, including videos, to create a buzz around the Team Sydney community – resulting in collateral they could use for future promos.


  • EXPOSURE RAISED 10-fold.
  • Acquired new sponsors including SPEEDO, Precision Sports Apparel, Out and About Travel.
  • Stronger relationship with existing sponsors SKINS, Cryo, Winks, COCKSOX, Bellocio, Beresford, Sydney Swans, Kaliido, All Sorts
  • Gained media exposure through SBS and Star Observer.
  • Secured élite athletes to march in Team Sydney’s Mardi Gras float.
  • Quality of float was 4000% better.
  • Higher engagement rate by existing club members, and new clubs joining
  • Increased Team Sydney’s credibility with clubs and sponsors exponentially

What They Said …

I love Tiz’s strategic approach. She helps you brainstorm what you want to achieve and understand what you stand for. Overall, she helped us articulate ourselves better. She brought great, creative ideas around: ‘How do we make this more exciting?’ One big advantage of working with her is how she connected us with other suppliers. She’s very comfortable connecting larger organisations with the small business community.

Tony Bingham (2017 VP Team Sydney)

Tiz worked closely with me and the Team Sydney board to bring realistic, achievable and brilliant ideas to our Mardi Gras marketing campaign. We had a clear pathway, vision, and strategy to get where we wanted. She also negotiated fantastic services, deals, and celebrity guests right across the Mardi Gras month. Underneath her technical skills is a deep-seated understanding of people and a focus on connecting them to what’s important. She’s great for people who don’t know what they want but know they need something delivered. We gave her free reign and the results were outstanding.

Allan Johnston (2017 President/Treasurer Team Sydney)