Case Study


SPX is a marketing campaign with a difference. We love helping small businesses maximise their marketing, but we understand they don’t always have a big marketing budget. The SPX program offers a way for small businesses to work strategically using referral partners to create a marketing campaign that each participant can benefit from.

Key to this concept’s success is that the participating business owners all know each other – they all have the same end client, but are not in competition.


The SPX campaign brought together 6 trade businesses that needed to broaden their opportunities to source new leads and clients.

Why They Needed Our Help

As small businesses, each client had only a small marketing budget by themselves. The challenge was to create an effective marketing campaign for them that would deliver results without breaking the bank.

The Objectives

We devised a 3-month campaign that pooled the resources of these trades businesses, to maximise their marketing spend. The aim was to engage existing clients, and connect new clients with referral partners, doing it strategically.
We wanted to expand their reach to new leads in a way they could afford and that would also be entertaining and memorable!

The Strategy

In this instance, the trades businesses wanted to target strata management companies, so we created this approach

  • Each business owner handpicked 12 existing clients, inviting them to a VIP event as a thank you for their support.
  • Clients were chosen strategically, for example, if it was a client another participating business owner wanted to meet. All up, there was potential for the 6 businesses to thank 12 of their own clients and up to 60 new leads, and those leads to connect with each other.
  • The event was a VIP casino-themed cruise, designed to encourage mingling and without any salesy pressure.
  • Strategic, dedicated follow up helped deepen new and existing relationships.

Strategy Benefits

  • Clients have the opportunity to meet with 100% targeted and qualified leads.
  • Creates a tighter relationship with top-level existing clients.
  • Strengthens trust among current referral partners.
  • Positions each client and their organisation as an influential player in their industry.

What We Did

We implemented a marketing campaign that was project managed from start to finish.

  • Coordinated 8 touch points, pre and post event.
  • Client branding and calls to action to their websites on all collateral.
  • A co-hosted, themed 5-star event for 80 people.
  • Food and beverages, MC, photographer and prizes at event.

The 8 touch points were critical to building momentum and maintaining the new connections. There were 4 touch points following the event.

  • Guests were emailed photos from the night.
  • The business owners then called their clients to ask how they enjoyed the event.
  • A few months later, guests were sent a card with a number for a horse in a Melbourne Cup sweepstake.
  • The business owners called their clients again, asking how they went in the Cup.
  • 1st, 2ndand 3rd Cup winners received a food hamper gift branded with the trades business logo.

VIP Casino Night


  • Cambridge Fire and Security: 6 quote requests within 2 months of event, total value $120,000.
  • David Jones Electricians:“An affordable and easy way to connect with existing clients and meet new prospects.”
  • Keystone Building Solutions:3 work orders and 2 quotes within 2 weeks of event, valued at over $5,000.
  • On the Go Plumbing: $12,000 in sales since the event, repeat work with 3 strata managers.
  • ANZ Roofing:“Opportunity to meet key people I would not have normally been able to meet.”
  • Tony Isgrove's Paint and Decorate:“Connected with my existing clients that I normally only deal with over the phone or email.”

What They Said …

In my industry, you get nowhere cold calling or door knocking trying to get new clients, and I thought the SPX event idea was great. Being a strategic partner in the event, I now have 60 high-quality leads I can follow up on. In fact, I had a quote request in my inbox the Monday after the event. I have already closed more than $12,000 in sales since the SPX event, with 3 strata managers now giving us repeat work. I expect those numbers to continue to get bigger over the coming months. For me, it’s a no brainer for any industry and I encourage others to do it as well.

Mark Nashaty, On the Go Plumbing

Why Is An SPX Campaign A Great Idea?

  • You only need to invite and follow up 12 people – you get to MEET 60 qualified contacts of your referral partners.
  • You get to show your appreciation and recognition to YOUR VIP clients.
  • You share and introduce your VIP clients with other partners who share theirs with you.
  • You are seen as highly influential, when your guests are introduced to other possible strong connections.

Want to see what an SPX Campaign can do for your business?

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