Marketing is about selling a product or service, right? Wrong. While the end goal of marketing is to promote and sell a product or service, what really matters to people is how what you offer makes them feel.

Think about when you’re looking to buy a product or service. I bet you’re not just looking at the offering itself. You’re not just purchasing an item, you’re investing in an experience. You want to feel good about your purchase, and you want to feel good about yourself for making it. 

That’s why successful marketing campaigns don’t just focus on the product or service itself; they focus on how that makes a customer feel.

Let’s look at how some big brands do it

You don’t need a big brand budget to apply their approaches to your marketing.

Apple: Apple’s marketing doesn’t just promote the features of their products; they promote a lifestyle. They emphasise the sleek design, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration between products. 

This is how Apple creates an emotional connection with their customers, making them feel part of a community, an in-crowd of tech-savvy, stylish and innovative individuals.

Nike: Everyone knows the slogan, ‘Just Do It’. Nike doesn’t just promote athletic shoes and apparel, that slogan promotes a mindset. The campaign inspires people to pursue their dreams, push their limits and overcome obstacles. 

Nike creates an emotional connection with their customers, making them feel empowered, motivated and inspired.

Thankyou: For a successful Aussie example, there’s Thankyou, which makes personal care and household cleaning products, with minimal harmful or unsustainable ingredients, in sleek and stylish packaging. Their marketing empowers customers to reduce their consumption and help contribute to ending extreme poverty through buying the products.     

Thankyou creates an emotional connection of philanthropy and environmental consciousness, with the slogan ‘Your purchase makes a difference’. Because the company donates part of its profits to aligned charities, customers feel good buying the brand, knowing they’re contributing to a good cause.

Remember: It’s not what you’re selling, it’s how you make them feel

For those big brands, the focus is not on what is being sold, but on the emotional experience the product provides. This emotional connection is what drives sales and builds brand loyalty.

Successful marketing isn’t just about selling a product, it’s about tapping into this emotional connection. By focusing on the customer’s needs and desires. This means understanding their pain points, aspirations and values. It means creating a brand that aligns with their worldview and provides a solution to their problems. 

It means creating marketing campaigns that speak directly to their emotions and make them feel understood, valued and supported.

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