Customers… “distrust and resent one-off campaigns that interrupt or intercept them.”

The average consumer sees 3000 messages per day. Understandably – we TUNE THEM OUT.

Of these 3000 – we only remember about 4. Why?

Simply… people don’t like being marketed and sold to and we have become immune to all of the noise.

Why not bring the “human” back to marketing. Look for ways to CONNECT and build RELATIONSHIPS with your audience:

  • As individuals
  • Based on what they do
  • Continuously over time
  • Directed towards an outcome
  • Everywhere they are

Today we are all on the receiving end of short-sighted, single-minded, quick win marketing several times a day, you’ve seen it:

  • the DEALS
  • the DISCOUNTS!
  • get 50% OFF

This has been a very popular form of marketing that’s been around for a long time – but how many have actually stopped to question it?

The one-size-fits-all email blast is dying.

We need to earn the right to sell to today’s customers.

So, how can we change from impersonal, ineffective marketing and start engaging customers in a way that promotes loyalty, repeat business and word of mouth?


Research has shown that prospects will wait until they are 65-90 percent of the way through their journey before THEY approach a vendor.

Bombarding them with “salesy” marketing messages is not going to change their mind and people hate being sold to.

Customers need to be engaged, educated, and nurtured to a level of trust.

Today more than ever, the customer has the power of choice and can research products/services on their own. 90% of buyers say, when they are ready to buy, they will find you.

So when that time comes, why would anyone choose you over your competitors?

Your product or service is not the defining factor. There will be many companies that sell the same products/services, some not as great and some better. It will almost always be based on the RELATIONSHIP you have fostered with your audience, the community you have created following and trusting you.

Consider how you actually CONNECT or ADD VALUE to your customers (or potential customers).

The way you communicate with your audience will define how and if you can promote loyalty and repeat business. Don’t shout at them about what you sell and why they should buy from you. Instead, look at how you are giving, not taking. Show them respect as customers and they will most definitely do the same in return.