Case Study

Marketing Helps Labelling Firm's USPs Shine


Mermed Australia provides comprehensive labelling solutions for primary stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Based in Western Sydney, the family business was founded by Tony Mercieca in 1990.

When son Alan took over in 2018, the firm had two websites but no SEO, social media or marketing plan. Alan called on Amongst to help tell Mermed’s story and win over new customers, leveraging the company’s 30th anniversary in 2020.


Manufacturers and providers in the labelling industry face a number of issues. They need an inside-out grounding in infection control, along with superior cleanroom facilities and a flexible service offering.

Companies also need to stay ahead of scientific research and technology, which are constantly changing. This gives them an edge in a competitive marketplace, where claims are not always backed up by the precision needed to ensure safety and compliance.

Mermed’s strength lies in its understanding and employment of advanced technology. Yet it wasn’t leveraging its industry experience or ‘selling’ the dedication to continuous improvement that marked it as special.

While Mermed had always relied on quality work and attention to detail to attract new customers, its USPs were undersung. The firm failed to pop up in online searches. Without social engagement and customer feedback, there was no momentum to fuel growth.

Our challenge was to provide a targeted campaign true to Mermed’s core company values, while appealing to a wider customer base and boosting both productivity and profit – within budget.


Following intensive market research, we drew up objectives for the Mermed Australia marketing strategy.

  • Increased visibility. Customers needed to find Mermed more easily in online searches.
  • Centralised data. A system was required to centralise, track and analyse customer data, facilitating direct marketing campaigns.
  • Stronger brand awareness. The approaching 30th anniversary was the perfect time to celebrate the company’s strengths and boost market profile.
  • Better community engagement. Reaching out through social media would show Mermed’s human face and increase customer interaction.


Easier to search and navigate, Mermed customers now enjoy a more user-friendly and intuitive web experience. The company’s LinkedIn page proved to be a particular favourite, generating substantial traffic and engagement.

Significant improvements have been seen across three main areas.

Social Media

While social media engagement was started on three platforms – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – it quickly became apparent that LinkedIn was the standout performer. Within 10 months:

  • Followers to company page increased by 658%.
  • Impressions increased by 320%.
  • Clicks to posts increased by 783%.


Email campaigns to existing customers formed the foundation of our strategy to reconnect, particularly during pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. Introducing a CRM made it far easier to categorise the client database – Mermed previously had at least seven major client classifications defining the sort of emails they would receive.

Visibility has clearly improved. On reviewing those who opened the emails over the course of the year, a significant number had increased their purchases.

The Amongst marketing campaign has helped bolster Mermed against the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with total percentage of sales only marginally affected.


When Amongst started its campaign, Mermed had no SEO. After a few months, we identified that the website needed to be restructured and keywords reviewed (part of an ongoing process). Within 10 months:

  • Organic traffic has steadily increased.
  • Bounce rate has significantly improved.

Marketing strategy is now consistent and easily managed within budget. The company has expanded its reach to new customers and consolidated existing ones, making itself more visible and proactive within the labelling industry.