Brand personality quiz

Brand Personality Quiz

Identify the true personality of your business brand – and make a real connection with your audience.

Our Brand Personality Quiz can help you connect with an audience genuinely aligned with your business culture and product.

It does this by matching your company or personal brand with one of 12 recognised personality types, as defined by renowned psychiatrist and philosopher Carl Jung.

These iconic Jungian Personality Archetypes are now a staple of contemporary psychological practice and corporate testing.

Once you know the personality type that fits your business or personal profile, you can start to tailor the kind of marketing plan that reaches and converts your ideal customer!

How can the quiz help?

  • Understand more about your brand in terms of values and appeal.

  • Work out what message will deliver the best results.

  • Identify what you really want your customers to know about you.

  • Understand the tone best suited to the brand personality you discover.

When you know what your business is all about, you can finally work out a marketing strategy to hit every target bang-on.

Do I really need it?

Yes, you do. Remember the way your face looks in the mirror when you’ve spent an arm and a leg on marketing that doesn’t work? Not pretty. The quiz, on the other hand, is a beautiful thing.

This clever device works its magic by revealing the true nature of your business, far beyond the logo . . . so it can grow from shrinking violet to personality plus.

Great! What do I have to do?

  1. Focus on HOW you do your business, not WHAT you do, to get the best results.
  2. Select the Personal branding quiz (where you market yourself as chief service provider) or Business branding quiz (where your company is the hero).
  3. Provide your contact details and US$39 payment.

  1. Take your time answering the questions. You will get more targeted results. If you find they are not specific to one personality (and let’s face it, no-one wants a split personality!), you have the opportunity to take the quiz again.
  2. When completed, you will be sent the details/information relating to your personality/archetype.
  3. Then ask me how to use the results to create an affordable marketing plan which works!

Ready to start?