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Marketing and the myriad of associated channels are becoming ever more bewildering. Despite the landscape offering ever more opportunities to bombard audiences almost continuously – very few marketing dollars are achieving anything like significant ROI.

Business owners too are offered an avalanche of sure-fire-get-clicks-quick options ‘guaranteed’ to bring the enquiries flooding in.

With conversion the key battlefield, time and again businesses go into the fight without adequate fire-power. And that can be an expensive, disheartening war to lose.

At Amongst® we take a more human-centered approach. We believe that you can only truly make any kind of conversion with a target audience by connecting with them in the right ways first. And that means thinking more expansively about what you want to achieve and being more creative about the ways to get there. It means first developing a rock-solid, strategy that maps your route in a concise and actionable way. It’s then about devising ingenious ways to bring that plan to life so that your venture ends up nestled amongst your followers.

Being more. Being noticed. Being remembered. Now that’s meaningful marketing.

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Please note: Ajunjo has rebranded to Amongst®.


  • Delving deeper to understand
  • Asking the hard questions
  • Taking ROI seriously - from the start
  • A strategy-first approach
  • Clarifying the aims - setting the project up for success


  • Using the power of ideas to touch audiences
  • Developing customised, unique results
  • Cutting through the noise and into the memory
  • Imagination beyond the internet
  • Envisioning long-term success


  • Audiences to brands
  • Leveraging our network
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Leaving meaningful impressions
  • Understanding people