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In my world, marketing plans are carefully built on research, collaboration, insight and deep industry knowledge.

But here’s the thing. Most marketing plans are cobbled together with a bit-here, bit-there, hope-for-the-best kind of vibe. They end up with more holes than Swiss cheese.

Unfortunately, these scattergun marketing activities – alarmingly common – are destined to end up with air pockets the size of a small planet.

So, which would you prefer? An effective, holistic and bang-on marketing formula designed to propel your business forward? Or a cheesy strategy designed to keep you stuck in a mouse trap, watching your competitors bag the spoils?

My cunning plan

High impact marketing is based on collaboration – getting to know you, consulting with staff, considering what you want to achieve. I can work with you in a number of ways, even embedding with your team to understand things from the ground up.

I’m a straight shooter – honest, transparent and direct. Now, this is annoying when I point out hard truths (sorry in advance), but a bonus when I figure out what’s been holding you back and show you how to address it.

Thing is, I need to understand your business strengths, limitations and barriers to progress, from the inside out. Only then can I build a waterproof marketing structure to stop your organisation haemorrhaging money and resources.

Together we can make genuinely informed marketing decisions – for lasting success.

Guarding the gate

Because I’m independent, I will never sell you a specific product or service just to get a kickback. My advice is objective, taking account of your budget and aspirations. So, we are always in alignment, as true business partners should be.

You are my priority. I’m here to keep your marketing providers honest, also guiding them – where appropriate – on better ways to do things. I’m a gatekeeper, if you like, ensuring friends stay inside the fold while locking the dodgy dealers out in the cold.

I love working with business owners who not only want results, but also understand the true value of a strategic, meticulously planned marketing approach.

In a true meeting of minds.

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Please note: Ajunjo has rebranded to Amongst®.


  • Delving deeper to understand
  • Asking the hard questions
  • Taking ROI seriously - from the start
  • A strategy-first approach
  • Clarifying the aims - setting the project up for success


  • Using the power of ideas to touch audiences
  • Developing customised, unique results
  • Cutting through the noise and into the memory
  • Imagination beyond the internet
  • Envisioning long-term success


  • Audiences to brands
  • Leveraging our network
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Leaving meaningful impressions
  • Understanding people